Homemades by Suzanne

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Established 1982


Company Message

   Our Thanksgiving Selections come fully prepared and ready to heat!  When choosing     quantities, generally a pint or pound serves four.  But please take into account the         generosity of portions you crave and don't forget about those leftovers for snacking!
                ~  Scroll to the bottom for a downloadable and printable menu. ~
   Orders need to be placed no later than Friday, November 22nd so that we can order       all the final ingredients we need to get cooking!  Orders can be placed on line
  24 hours a day by clicking the Order Online tab at the top of this page... or by                phoning our Ashland store Monday - Friday, 9am to 4pm at 804-798-8331.  We will      email a confirmation of all orders received.  Pick up will be Wednesday, November 27.    When ordering, you will be asked to schedule a time between 9am 
and 2pm that
 best suites you so that we can accurately plan the packaging and finalization
 of all the orders we have going out that day.  We will ask for a credit card   to confirm all orders placed on line or over the phone.  We will not charge   your card until the day of pick-up.  You will also have the opportunity to add  last minute goodies when you come in!
 We look forward to preparing a delicious and satisfying meal for you and
 your family.  Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to serve you on such
 an important day.
                                                                        All the best!
                                                                                 ~ The Homemades Team