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Additional  Menus 

items sold by the pound, side salads by the pint, accompaniments, homemade breads,

deep dish quiches, and our whole pies and cakes, try this Menu.

If you have questions about the sizes of our various rolls, scroll to the bottom of this page

for a side by side comparison.  

 Our angel Biscuit and sweet potato biscuit is also pictured below. 

Our Box Lunches are an easy way to feed everyone during a busy day at work!

Warm or Cold Dishes, hors D'oeuvres, appetizers and finger foods that you can carry

home for your next party or gathering

easy Sandwich platters! Add sides and/or desserts to suit your needs. Lots of choices; mix and match!

Because we offer various sizes of rolls that we pair with different catering items

or if one wants to purchase breads in quantity, we are often asked about the

difference in the size of each roll. Below is a side by side comparison for your


Further down is our Angel Biscuit.  A buttermilk yeast roll.  More like a

breakfast style biscuit.

Our Sweet Potato Biscuit is also pictured.  Sweet Potatoes ARE added

to the mix which produces the color and moisture for tenderness.. but

don't worry, it doesn't taste like a sweet potato at all! 

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